Electrical Services

Electrical Services

  • Complete installation of Cabling Network
  • Lighting fixtures installation/replacement
  • Electric sockets installation/replacement
  • Electrical network trouble shooting and repair
  • Distribution board installation/repair with Circuit breaker installation and/or replacement
  • Installation of power backup system (UPS)
  • Installation/replacement/servicing of fans (Ceiling/Bracket/Exhaust)
  • LCD/LED TV and other electrical appliance installation
Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

  • Installation and repair of piping network
  • Installation and repair of Sewerage network
  • Bathroom fittings installation and replacement
  • Water tank cleaning/installation/replacement
  • Pressure pump and water motor installation/replacement/servicing
  • Natural Gas network installation/trouble shooting/repair
  • Gas appliances installation
Civil and Masonry Services

Civil and Masonry Works

  • Civil maintenance (plaster works and new partition installation)
  • Paint repair works
  • Wall paper installation/replacement
  • Wood works/carpentry
  • Artificial Ceiling installation
  • Glass works (Window Glass/doors)
  • Door lock replacement
  • Floor tiles replacement
  • Carpet tiles installation/replacement
  • Wooden floor installation
  • Installation of accessories (shelves/wall hangings)
HVAC Services

Air Conditioning Services

  • Installation/replacement of Split air conditioners
  • Servicing and gas refilling
  • Trouble shooting and minor repair
  • Cooling load calculation for new a/c installation
  • Periodic maintenance (filter cleaning, Outdoor unit service)
Paint Services

Paint Services

  • Interior paint and Surface preparation
  • Exterior Paint
  • Deco Paint
  • Enamel Paint for wood and Metal
  • Special Decorative paint (e.g Momento)
  • Polish for furniture and wooden fixture
Generator Maintenance

Generator Services

  • Periodic maintenance (oil/filter replacement etc.)
  • New installation
  • ATS Panel Installation
  • Trouble shooting and repair
Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Maintenance

  • Periodic maintenance
  • New installation
  • Troubleshooting and repair
Moving and Shifting Services

Moving and Shifting Services

  • All furniture/appliance’s dismantling and installation at destination.
  • Packing Services
  • Installation of new appliances at destination
  • Pre-Rent/purchase building Inspection survey.